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mitigate your transaction risks

What is an escrow?

Escrow is often used by transaction participants to add more comfort in their deals. They are assured that an independent contractual intermediary can help mitigate disputes that can potentially arise in a complex transaction, particularly with multiple settlement requirements and milestones.


ESCROW SG helps to reduce the risk of a transaction failing between parties.

About Us

All-In-One Escrow Payment Solution

Escrow SG provides both offline and online escrow payment solution.


We understand what people are looking for in an payment system: bank-grade security, ease of use, dispute resolution and quick disbursement of funds, all while being fully compliant with Singapore laws. We also added professional intermediaries and alerts to ease your transactions. 

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Escrow SG platform supports both fiat and (upcoming) cryptocurrency escrow transactions.

For fiat escrow, simply transfer the escrow amount to our bank account.

For (upcoming) cryptocurrency escrow, EscrowSG platform is integrated with WalletConnect which connects you with over 100 leading wallets. This ensures that you are able to transact with your existing wallets and provides more for you to choose from.

Business Use Cases 

  • In sale purchase escrow arrangement, ESCROW SG acts as an independent and neutral third party who holds the funds from the buyer as proof of commitment in the transaction. Once certain pre-agreed conditions are fulfilled, the escrow agent will release the escrowed amount to the seller.

  • In Paymaster escrow arrangement, an escrow agent is acting in accordance to the instruction from the instructing parties to perform a series of fund distributions over a period of time.

Individual Use Cases 

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  • Sell or buy cars, watches, jewelry with the escrow protection. Alleviate the risk to get exactly what you paid for.

  • (Upcoming) Support ERC20 tokens. Safely complete your transaction directly with another party through Escrow SG.

Our Pricing



From 0.50%

Custodial - escrow amount held by Watiga Trust Ltd, Singapore based licensed
trust company

Bank transfer

ESCROW SG as neutral third-party in case of dispute


Custodial Fiat Escrow

Backed by Singapore based licensed trust company

Fund escrow via bank transfer

24/7 Real-time movement of funds

ESCROW SG can step in as neutral third-party in case of dispute


CRYPTO (Upcoming)

Non-Custodial Smart Contract 

ERC-20 tokens supported

WalletConnect Integrated 
(support Metamask, Ledger and others)

24/7 Real-time movement of funds

ESCROW SG as neutral third-party in case of dispute

*Gas fees still apply.




Contact us to find out more!

Bespoke service provided

Tailored to suit your personal or organisational needs


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138 Arab Street, Singapore 199826

Tel: +65-6291-1751

Fax: +65-6725-0752 

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