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In ESCROW SG ONLINE, you are able to perform escrow transactions online. Simply add your individual or business counterparties and create an escrow transaction. ESCROW SG maintains a high level of security and ensures that your funds are safe. Both sender and recipient will have to select the same options in order for the transactional flow to continue. If there are differences in selected option, a dispute will arise. In cases of dispute, ESCROW SG will step in as a neutral third-party to manage the dispute. 

Sale purchase diagram.PNG

How it works


  1. Buyer / Seller originates the deal and signs escrow agreement with Escrow SG

  2. Buyer fund the Escrow account.

  3. Escrow SG confirms funding.

  4. Buyer confirms instruction.

  5. Seller transfers assets / shares

  6. Escrow agent transfers funds from Escrow account to Seller. 

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